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Every home is unique, from neighborhood to layout and every aspect in between.  
        Our inspiration emerges from four design lenses that appeal to today's buyers.            


We believe that...

Professionally Staged Homes

"If the Walls Could Talk...You'd Hear 4 Sides to Every Staging Journey...." 

Color Palette

Create moods, illusions and draw the eye to focal points in a room 
Focus light and intensity to highlight depth and space


Create a sightline for buyers' own inspiration

Shape &  Form
Stage the look of rooms, providing visual form and function

Create symbolic meanings for each rooms use


Convey "personality" to peak buyers interest

Texture, Pattern & Rhythm

Add layers of richness & interest creating visual contrast in a space
Enhance décor and material to heighten the visual look


Evoke feelings of warmth and provide harmony to the design

Framing the View

Draw the eye to objects and scenes to eliminate competing focal points

Screen out potential distractions


Provide cohesive design for a balanced composition

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